You will have the opportunity to help those less fortunate and learn about what it takes to develop a volunteer project abroad in terms of construction or education. Our main duty is to create a positive impact for the members of a community by giving them opportunities for a better future. You will learn new skills, be part of a foreign culture and reap the joy of a life changing experience.

The HELP portion was definitely the most life changing, as you’re in the community building houses for the local people who cannot afford proper housing themselves. We worked alongside the locals and play with the children, we quickly built strong, lasting bonds with them, making it very hard to say goodbye when we had to leave. It feels good knowing that we had a little part in helping them build a future for themselves.

Paw law

University of Alberta


Students fundraise money at home and then travel to Ecuador to help local schools and families in rural communities. Students will oversee all the fundraised money and use these funds towards local schools and construction supplies for our annual housing projects. This component of the program will have our students working at understaffed schools assisting teachers, helping young children with art class, general hygiene, nutrition and teaching introductory English. Students in this program will also participate in our annual housing project by helping to construct homes for underprivileged families.


Students will become immersed in a new culture and interact with a rural community through various means, such as assisting local teachers or working alongside underprivileged families building their new homes. This component helps increase the awareness regarding international differences between culture, privilege a nd society. Through this, students tend to learn more about themselves as well as the country they’re discovering themselves in. In addition, our volunteer students will learn about what it takes to develop and regulate an international volunteer project and play different organizational roles keeping track of how much fundraised money is allocated towards different parts of the housing project.


This amazing journey is concluded with a variety of tours across the country. From the coastal beaches to the volcanic highlands and beautiful Amazon rainforests, students will be engaged in several outdoor exhilarating activities such as waterfall rappelling, surfing, tubing and more!

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