What are the benefits of volunteering abroad?

If you have the desire to help people in need while gaining rewarding experiences, volunteering abroad is highly recommended. Such an experience will change your life in a variety of ways. It will provide you a sense of purpose, not only by learning from a different culture but giving back in meaningful ways.

Close friendships and bonds

It’s not all about hard work. By volunteering you will meet a lot of people with the same mindset: make the world a better place. Therefore it becomes easy to forge friendships that naturally form from the everyday adventures you experience by living in a different country. New adventures in an exotic country abroad is an incredible recipe to develop friendships of a lifetime.

Unique experience

Volunteering in rural communities is the best way to meet locals and get away from your typical day-to-day routine. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to spend time with these families to observe their daily activities and experience it with them. After spending such time together, you will slowly integrate into the community and become recognized as one of them.

Encourage and motivate people

Don’t just preach for equality, work for it! Be part of the solution and inspire others. With your help, community members will have significant improvements in their life, and such change will give these families new life opportunities they would have never otherwise thought possible. This breaks the cycle of poverty as such life changing opportunities will help these families, help their children, spouses, siblings and friends. The best way to make a better world is to encourage people to support a cause and volunteer. Inspire your family and friends with your experiences so they can consider participating in a similar endeavor.

Gain language skills

Living and working in another country is hands down the best way to learn a new language. Immersing yourself in an environment that requires a different language allows you to pick up on it quicker as you are constantly exposed to the language and forced to practice your skills. If your volunteering involves teaching English, you will reinforce your written and verbal skills in your native tongue.

Work as a team

Volunteering will give you a special skill: teamwork. The success of a project comes when people work together with locals and other volunteers from different ages and nationalities, allowing you to improve your ability to socialize. All these skills will be applicable to other parts of your everyday life, such as job interviews and making new friends.


As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate how to lead by example. This is done by always being prepared to lead a working day, motivate your peers and plan strategies to work efficiently. Leadership skills will push your career aspirations one step closer to their goal.

If you are exploring the idea of volunteering abroad, be sure to do your research. Explore the place you want to travel and possibly compliment it a tour of the country or look up how you can better the life of others whilst helping yourself reach your own goals.

HLD has a variety of programs that will completely fulfill your expectations, for 13 years we have worked in several projects to help Ecuadorian communities in need, in terms of construction and education. So we invite you to join us this summer for a life changing experience! Remember that volunteering is a guaranteed activity that benefit you personally and professionally, so dare to be the one to inspire, lead and make the difference!