5 Reasons to visit Ecuador this summer

“You have to see these sights to understand the indescribable beauty of Ecuador. It was very special to travel through the Andes, to the coast, to the Amazon and do incredible activities along the way”

Liam, 20

Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. It’s home to a diversity of cultures and it’s one of the most biodiverse places in the world. There is plenty to do, see and taste which makes it the perfect destination for those who want to experience a vibrant way of traveling.

Weather conditions are ideal to do different activities like horseback riding, hiking, swimming and more. So if you like adventure but you’re still deciding on whether you want to visit Ecuador, here are 5 reasons that will convince you to visit this amazing country.

1. Hike in the jungle and swim in the Pacific Ocean the same day!

Ecuador is on of the smallest countries of South America, but that makes it an easy place to explore. Travelers can visit different ecosystems in the same day as they are just a couple of hours apart from each other.

2. A country crossed by the equatorial line

Have you ever imagined to stay at the Middle of the World? The Equatorial Monument is located at the latitude 00° 00’ 00’’ and it’s definitely a place travelers must visit. The monument commemorates the first Geodesic Mission of the French Academy of Sciences and become the perfect destination to experience being in two hemispheres at the same time, balance an egg on top of a needle and learn more about the science behind the Earth’s rotation and the effects it has on everyday life such as the Coriolis Effect. It’s also known that Ecuador is blessed with a rich ancient culture so if you want to know everything about it, you can visit the Intiñan solar museum where you can learn more about Ecuadorian traditions.

3. Delicious cuisine

The food is also very diverse in this country. The best dishes depend on the regions. For example, in the coastal regions and Galapagos Islands, common seafood dishes like “ceviche”, meat with lentils, chicken and coffee are signature plates. In the mountainous regions beef, pork, chicken are the popular choices, like “hornado” consisting of potatoes served with roasted pig and “seco de chivo” which is a type of stew made from goat. In the Amazon rainforest famous dishes include yucca, fish, exotic fruits and delicious local chocolate.

4. The People

Wherever you go, someone will always be glad to help you! Ecuadorians are incredible hard working, friendly and honest people. Their happiness is one of their well known characteristics, even though most of the population don’t have a very high standard of living and reside in rural communities. They feel proud of their traditions and share it with everyone.

5. Galapagos islands

The breathtaking biodiversity of the Galapagos is a big reason why you should visit Ecuador! It’s geographic location and unique environment makes it the perfect place to relax and learn! There you can swim with sealions, observe the local blue-footed boobies, giant turtles, flamingos, penguins, marine iguana, white-tip sharks, manta rays, just to name a few! Aside from its wildlife also you can travel in boats to appreciate the amazing land formations and explore the beauty of this UNESCO world heritage site.

Now that you know more about Ecuador, put it on the top of your bucket list! Be sure to check out HLD’s programs for the same reasons and that will also make you love this country even more!